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5 Ways to Prepare for Valentine's Day with Acupuncture

Everyone likes to celebrate differently, but whether you decide to have a simple romantic dinner or a thrilling encounter on a rooftop bar with a glass of champagne and a city skyline view, below are the 5 ways in which acupuncture can help to make it an unforgettable night.

  1. Gift an acupuncture session – when you give a gift of acupuncture, you give a gift of love. Who would not want to give their special someone the chance to relax and get rid of his or her ailments?
  2. Try cosmetic acupuncture – Cosmetic acupuncture is a healthy alternative to botox and involves the insertion of tiny hair-thin needles into the face. It increases collagen production, improves skin tone and complexion, and reduces puffiness. Even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow incorporate it as part of their skin care routine. Cosmetic acupuncture will give you a healthy glow and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for your date.
  3. Try acupuncture to improve your posture – Nothing shows more confidence and sex appeal than a straight back and beautiful posture. Acupuncture is great for treating stiff neck and hunched shoulders that so many of us have these days due to increased phone and computer use. Acupuncture helps to relax tight muscles and correct inhibitions causing postural changes.
  4. Try acupuncture to boost your libido – Whatever the cause might be, acupuncture is a safe and effective way to increase the blood flow down below to enhance arousal and sexual response. It also helps to restore the balance between the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems to facilitate that spark when you’re with that special someone.
  5. De-stress – Who would think that needles can actually be relaxing, but studies, in fact, have shown that acupuncture increases secretion of endorphins, regulates the nervous system, and blocks the production of stress hormones. People usually feel euphoric and experience deep states of relaxation after treatments. As a result, acupuncture can also give you a good night’s sleep.

Feeling calm and rested will allow you to better focus on your partner and give them your undivided love and attention.