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Sinusitis, or inflammation in the sinuses, is a common complaint. It involves a stuffy, runny nose and a blocked, heavy feeling inside the sinus cavities, which are positioned behind your nose and under your eyes. 

Everyone has experienced acute sinusitis, where a bacterial or viral infection causes short-term inflammation. However, if you develop a chronic infection, the inflammation doesn’t resolve, or there are growths (polyps) inside the sinuses, chronic sinusitis can appear. 

As sinusitis is an inflammatory condition, conventional treatment typically includes medication that suppresses the immune response. These medications are also often additional to other drugs for allergies or asthma, two conditions that patients commonly experience alongside sinusitis. 

Chinese medicine treats sinusitis and other conditions as one, and influenced by the body as a whole. For example, you may be diagnosed with Qi and blood stagnation, which leads to your sinuses being blocked and inflammatory substances being stuck. You may also have another issue such as Lung Deficiency, a condition seen underlying asthma. Sometimes, the Spleen, Stomach, or Gallbladder are affected. 

Acupuncture in sinusitis therefore commonly features local treatment, where your doctor stimulates points around your nose and sinuses, and treatment of the affected organs’ channels. These meridian channels allow the flow of Qi, or vital energy, through the organs and the body as a whole. A blockage will prevent the correct nourishment, maintenance and detoxification of these organs and tissues. 

Case studies on acupuncture treatment plans for sinusitis show significant improvement in symptom severity and related issues such as lung capacity. In a series of 60 people with severe, chronic sinusitis, all began to find relief with acupuncture treatment tailored to their individual needs. 

Life Balance Clinic offers both traditional and laser acupuncture, which may be used together. Laser acupuncture can be a useful tool on local points around the sinuses, as it helps to clear blockages. Choosing Life Balance Clinic and Dr Dekhtyar means choosing a high-quality personal approach. Your course of acupuncture, including the point prescription, duration, and use of other therapies such as dietary changes, is tailored to your unique picture of organ function and Qi flow. 

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What our patients say

"After seeing Dr. Dekhtyar for postnasal drip - I am truly amazed. With just 4-5 sessions of acupuncture, my nose is not running, I am not sneezing and I can breathe normally! In addition to this - the acupuncture truly helped my stress levels (whi..."

Tara LaCerra