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Nutritional Consulting

Are you confused about seemingly conflicting dietary advice? Professional nutrition consulting services can help you learn about what is best for you, and how to practice it too. 

Personalized nutrition counselling consists of a detailed dietary analysis; how you can best reach your goals; and how this will improve your performance and health. We develop general recommendations for dietary improvement, a supplement protocol if necessary, and even a sample diet plan. 

Our system of individual nutrition counselling involves: 

  • Personalized dietary programs for healthy living
  • Coordination between medical care and dietary management
  • Objective information on diets and weight loss programs
  • Information on food additives and food labeling
  • Home meal planning techniques and recipes
  • Nutrition guidelines for a vegetarian diet, if required. 
  • Examining your ability to assimilate nutrients. 

We are what we eat, so nutritional consulting is essential for a healthy life. You may seek personalized nutrition counselling for a number of reasons, including weight loss (or gain); improving your fitness; restoring cardiovascular health; balancing blood sugar control; calming inflammation and many more.