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Acu-Vision Therapy

Vision is not merely one of the five senses providing knowledge about the world around us. The visual analyzer, comprising optic and muscular systems, as well as receptive (retina), conductive (nerves), and visual brain center components, plays a crucial role in maintaining and regulating processes related to metabolism and mental health. Given the significant role of vision, it is essential to maintain healthy eyes to ensure proper functioning.

The health of the retina, which serves as the light-receiving inner surface of the eye, is paramount for maintaining good vision. At the Life Balance Clinic in Glenview, we utilize the Vision Recovery Acupuncture Program with great success in safeguarding and restoring retinal health for various eye conditions. Taking into account the anti-inflammatory and recovery aspects concerning the eye's muscular and nervous supply and regulation, we now offer advanced Acu-Vision acupuncture therapy in Chicago, IL

What Are the Causes of Eye Problems?

A wide range of eye conditions exists, exhibiting various inflammatory and non-inflammatory characteristics. Among them are macular degeneration (wet and dry), Stargardt’s Disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, glaucoma, Optic Neuritis, dry eye syndrome, and others, These conditions may be classified based on their fundamental causes as follows:

  • Congenital diseases including hereditary and intrauterine ones,
  • Traumatic injuries (mechanical, chemical, thermal, and photo flash burn),
  • Infectious pathologies (by bacteria, viruses, fungi),
  • Age-related eye conditions,
  • Eye diseases caused by visual hygiene disorders,
  • Lifestyle-caused and ecological pathologies,
  • Eye health complications because of other serious diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus infection, herpes) infections, systemic autoimmune diseases),
  • Tumors of eyes and brain,
  • Allergic conditions,
  • Other eye pathologies (degenerative, metabolic ones due to malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals, etc.).

Eye diseases can have similar symptoms regardless of their causes and origin. The most common signs of eye pathologies are:

  • eye pain, redness and itching;
  • dry eyes, lacrimation;
  • blurred vision and decreasing visual acuity;
  • reducing field of vision, etc.

The concern is that most diseases can be effectively treated if diagnosed at their outset, when symptoms are not yet definitive. That's why it is essential to consult with a qualified specialist, preferably one who utilizes the most generally effective, harmless, and pleasant method of acupuncture for vision problem treatment. We are proud to have such a licensed professional at the Life Balance Clinic in Chicago, IL.

Does Acupuncture Work for Eyesight?

Acupuncture has now emerged as a classic method for treating eye diseases. There are certain acupuncture points for eye problems, which are located on the body, head, and extremities. Together, these points form the conditional meridian responsible for promoting eye health. Stimulating these points sends signals to the corresponding nervous centers, facilitating repair and recovery processes in the eyes.

Depending on the type of eye disease, various acupuncture techniques and styles can be employed, such as:

The main feature of this treatment is that using acupuncture points for eyesight, needle therapy promotes healing processes within the whole body providing  elimination of

  • muscle spasms;
  • pain and inflammation;
  • edema, and as well as the improvement of blood microcirculation in the organ under the influence and blood flow in general;
  • immunity, especially local, well-being and vitality.

As a result, when it comes to eye conditions, acupuncture treatment has the potential to either slow down the progression or bring about improvements in eyesight, including:

The Vision Recovery Acupuncture Program encompasses benefits that positively impact every aspect of your life. Vision plays a vital role in our daily activities, from mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning at home, to pursuing various career paths, hobbies, and exploring the world around us.

The first benefit you experience is peace of mind. Taking a proactive approach and having a healing plan for your eyes instills hope for a better future, offering the reassurance that solutions are attainable.

Our holistic treatment plans bring about an initial improvement in your overall health, including digestion, sleep, and relief from any chronic pain or inflammation you may be experiencing. Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes that eye health is interconnected with the vitality and balance of our other internal organs. Addressing imbalances in these areas can prevent consequences such as vision loss.

Over time, you may notice the intended benefits of increased visual acuity and improved eye health. This provides you with the opportunity to resume daily activities with confidence, including reading, driving, and engaging in interests that require clear vision.

Do you need more information about AccuVision and how it can improve your eye vision? Please, contact our acupuncture practice and schedule a consultation with our founder, Vadim Dekhtyar, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. You are welcome to experience the most attentive, highly professional, and efficient approach to addressing your eye concerns.



The Acu-Vision Program at Life Balance Clinic is an advanced acupuncture therapy designed to safeguard and restore retinal health for various eye conditions. It incorporates the Vision Recovery Acupuncture Program, emphasizing the use of acupuncture to address issues related to the optic and muscular systems, as well as the retina, and nerve components.
Eye problems can arise from various factors, including congenital diseases, traumatic injuries, infectious pathologies, age-related conditions, lifestyle-related issues, and other systemic diseases. Common symptoms include blurred vision, reduced visual acuity, and loss of central vision or peripheral vision, which is necessary for driving, reading, recognizing faces, and performing close-up work.
Yes, by stimulating specific acupuncture points on the body, head, and extremities, acupuncture promotes healing processes within the body, addressing issues such as muscle spasms, pain, inflammation, edema, and improving blood circulation.
Acupuncture has shown positive results in slowing down the progression or improving eyesight in conditions such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt's Disease, diabetic retinopathy, optic neuritis and more.
The initial phase is designed to determine your Rate of Response to Acupuncture. Typically, it requires 10-15 treatments, administered twice per day with a 1-hour rest in between.
The Acu-Vision therapy at Life Balance Clinic involves the use of specific acupuncture points: Newly Discovered Points on Hands and Feet: These points, unique to the AcuNova system, are not associated with any other acupuncture system. They play a crucial role in promoting healing processes related to eye health. Points in the Eyebrows: Two points located in the eyebrows are utilized during the treatment. Studies have shown that these points contribute to increased blood circulation to the retina in the eye. This enhancement in blood circulation is vital for supporting the overall health and function of the eyes.
AcuNova treatment, developed by Danish expert John Boel, has shown an impressive 80% response rate in providing at least partial relief for various eye conditions. Dr. Vadim Dekhtyar, the founder of Life Balance Clinic, has undergone extensive training with John Boel, ensuring a high level of expertise in this groundbreaking treatment.
The benefits of Acu-Vision therapy include enhanced eye health and improved overall health. The therapy not only addresses eye conditions but also promotes well-being and vitality, emphasizing the interconnectedness of eye health with the balance of internal organs.
Acu-Vision treatment takes a holistic complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approach, focusing on identifying and improving the root causes of eye conditions. It aims to provide relief, correct organ dysfunction, and maintain optimal organ function to sustain vision improvement.
Research highlights the importance of targeted nutritional strategies, including antioxidants, carotenoids, and zinc, to protect the macula and enhance visual acuity. These strategies play a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals generated by factors like light, toxins, and oxygen, reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration and vision loss.
Life Balance Clinic in Glenview, a Chicago suburb, is a pioneer in Illinois for introducing the AcuNova treatment system. Dr. Vadim Dekhtyar, the founder, has received extensive training with John Boel, ensuring the highest level of expertise in AcuNova therapy and Acu-Vision solutions. The clinic aims to provide effective and holistic care for various eye conditions.