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Blurred Vision

In a society that rewards spending long hours at work and study, typically sitting at a computer or in front of a book, conditions that cause blurred vision are far too common. They generally increase with age, but even elementary school children are regularly being prescribed glasses at stronger prescriptions. 

Giving yourself and your children more time to spend outside may prevent conditions such as myopia from worsening, or slow age-related decline in vision. But what if you want to restore eye vision from years of excessive screen time or eye disease? 

Acupuncture for eye vision works on the underlying cause. Conventional treatment simply compensates for the problem through external means (glasses) or internally by reshaping another part of the eye (laser surgery). In general, Chinese medicine describes myopia in childhood as caused by deficiencies; in adulthood, energetic and blood stagnation are the most common issues. You can expect more situations where you can avoid wearing glasses, or changing back to a weaker prescription, with successful treatment. 

Studies show that acupuncture and moxibustion can be effective ways to improve eye vision. Even in trials where the same points were treated across all patients, vision still became clearer. As every patient is different, the underlying patterns can vary, so we will treat your case on an individual basis and you may be prescribed a different combination of therapies than tested in standardized trials. 

Dr Dekhtyar and his team at Life Balance Clinic will work to find the underlying cause of your condition, including blurred vision. The practice is proud to offer the AcuNova system of Acu-Vision, featuring newly discovered acupoints and boasting a high treatment success rate. Whether your condition is from age, overuse or genetics, you may enjoy improved vision and better quality of life. 

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