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Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms, where your muscle seize or contract without your voluntary control, can get in the way of your daily life and are sometimes painful. The most common causes of muscle spasms are dehydration, stress, exercising too much, not stretching enough, or becoming overheated. In some cases, there can be muscle or nerve issues. 

The simplest causes of spasms can be resolved with hydration, including electrolytes (mineral salts such as sodium and potassium); correct stretching and recovery practices; and learning correct posture and movement.  Conventional treatment for more serious cases may involve muscle relaxants, which reduce the activity of the nerves and the muscles that they support. As for psychological causes, stress management techniques may be advised. 

Acupuncture works by restoring the healthy flow of Qi and blood throughout the body’s meridians. Muscle spasms are often the result of stagnation or deficiency in the local area, such as a blockage in the meridian channel passing through. For example, Bi Syndrome can result in muscle spasms as it is a condition of painful obstruction. There may also be a situation of stagnation in the entire affected meridian channel or its corresponding organ. 

Clinical research shows that acupuncture is effective for many types of muscle spasm. One trial on torticollis, where the neck spasms and twists to one side, shows that electroacupuncture can relieve pain and excessive muscle contraction. The acupuncture treatment was thought to increase blood flow to the muscles, which allowed them to relax. These benefits can extend to post-workout recovery and cramping caused by incorrect posture or movement. 

In a case study of a woman with dystonia, she enjoyed a 50% reduction in pain after her first course of treatment. Dystonia is a neurological condition where the muscles spasm at random, reducing mobility and twisting the body into uncomfortable positions. Months later, she continued to find more relief with additional courses and began to see restored mobility. Unlike Botox injections, acupuncture does not paralyse or weaken the muscles. 

At Life Balance Clinic, Dr Dekhtyar and his team work together to uncover your reasons for experiencing muscle spasm. From here, a personalized treatment plan of acupuncture and other therapies, such as dietary changes, Chinese massage, and cupping, is created to give you the best results. 

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