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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most prevalent health complaints in the developed world, as over 70% of adults are expected to experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain, including that of the lumbar (lower) spine, can have one or more of several causes. It may be a symptom of:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor muscle strength
  • A slipped disc
  • Tendon or ligament damage
  • Nerve damage

In many cases, back pain is non-specific. Conventional treatment for non-specific lower back pain consists of painkillers, gentle exercise (formerly rest), and making changes to your home and work space to assist in correct posture. More severe cases may lead to steroid injections.

At Life Balance Clinic, we see back pain differently thanks to our work in Chinese medicine. Back pain is usually a type of Stagnation or Deficiency syndrome, with the most common types being Qi and Blood Stagnation, Bi Syndrome, Kidney Deficiency, and Liver Qi Stagnation. When blood and life energy are blocked from nourishing and cleansing the muscles, bone and connective tissue in your back, pain results from the impairment of movement and strength.

Traditional Chinese therapies that can help to relieve back pain include acupuncture and bodywork. Both stimulate points on the meridian channels responsible for energy flow throughout the body.

Research demonstrates that acupuncture is effective for non-specific lower back pain. Acupuncture relieves pain through restoring balance to the neurotransmitters and hormones that brain and nerve cells use to communicate, without negative side effects. The other advantage of acupuncture over pain relief alone is that it can restore lost abilities, with other studies showing that sense of touch is returned after treatment.

Here at Life Balance Clinic, Dr. Dekhtyar and his team uses in-depth examination to find the true causes and correct treatment of back pain, measuring even the energy flow through your meridians. With conventional and laser acupuncture; Chinese bodywork; electrostimulation, cupping and more, including an optional heat lamp during treatment, we can provide the best plan for you.

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What our patients say

"Dr. Vadim is an exceptional Doctor and has helped me tremendously with my vestibule migraines, eye convergence issues and overall stress. I started going to him for cupping which relieves my stress I carry in my neck and back. Once starting acupuncture to get to the root of my health issues I have noticed huge improvement of my day to day function. I don’t feel nauseated and tired. My migraines have went from 3-4 times a month to hardly using my prescription medication. I highly recommend him and will continue to see him and having my husband start coming as well!"

Jacinta Kreisel