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Do you want to see how well your Qi flows, or if you have a deficiency or blockage preventing it from flowing freely?

The AcuGraph is a diagnostic test unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which allows us to evaluate your condition and choose the best acupuncture points for restoring your body’s balance. It is no substitute for the consultation, collecting information on key microsymptoms that point to the root cause of your illness, but is a helpful tool in finding the right treatment.

The AcuGraph first came as a medical breakthrough in 1950s Japan, by Dr Nakatani. When he began to externally measure his patients’ electrical conduction, he found that he could relate these findings back to their symptoms and meridian systems. He named them Ryodoraku measurements, and eventually created the system AcuGraph is based on.

During the test, your TCM practitioner will connect the AcuGraph’s probes to certain points on your hands and feet, which allows for the examination of your meridian channels. Each touch of the probe takes a few seconds, and it is not electrified.

Afterwards, a graph is created that indicates the status of energy (Qi) flow in every meridian and channel. This influences the function of every organ and system in your body. Too much or too little energy flow leads to health problems, and the AcuGraph is able to reveal these imbalances. From its findings, we can develop a treatment plan unique to you, that best fits your needs.

The AcuGraph system is painless, reliable and can be used effectively even in babies. As it allows us to understand which systems or organs have the most imbalances, we can tailor treatment to that area without waiting for serious issues to develop.

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