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Depression is one of the most common chronic illnesses in the world. You probably know several people who have depression or experienced it in the past. Depression is more than just feeling sad, as it must feature a severely low mood and an inability to feel pleasure. Some people may even struggle to get out of bed for weeks. 

The conventional theory of mental illness is that a chemical imbalance in the brain leads to mood disorders. In the case of depression, a deficiency of serotonin, and often other neurotransmitters such as dopamine, cause a sadness so deep that even the things that once made us happy don’t work. 

Conventional treatment therefore features medication such as antidepressants, which aim to raise levels of serotonin. If trauma or other difficult life circumstances contributed to its development, psychotherapy is common. 

Chinese Medicine recognizes that depression involves other organs in the body. The brain is not only the “captain” of your body, but it instead depends on all other organs and systems to thrive. The most common Chinese diagnosis of depression is Liver Qi stagnation, and many others have Spleen Qi deficiency. 

Qi is your body’s vital energy, and good health requires a continuous, balanced flow through a system of meridian channels. Liver Qi stagnation may also involve mood swings and restlessness, while Spleen Qi deficiency can lead to poor digestion and fatigue. 

Clinical studies show that acupuncture can effectively relieve depression. These include trials testing acupuncture alone, and in combination with conventional and other Chinese medical therapies. The longer the patients’ treatment continued, the stronger their results. 

Dr Dekhtyar and his team at Life Balance Clinic treat every patient with depression as an individual. Every patient receives in-depth examination to find the underlying causes of their condition, and the right treatment. Besides acupuncture, many effective supplements are available to rebalance neurotransmitters, Qi and organ function. Long-term remedies that you can use at home include breathing exercises and relaxation techniques such as meditation. These are essential in many cases, as stressful life events and incorrect everyday stress management contribute to poor mental health.

To learn more about what may benefit you, contact us today at 847-724-1777. 

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