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Aging Skin

Aging skin is one of the most visible aspects of the aging process. As we age, skin loses its structural integrity and protective functions such as oil production, leading to wrinkles; dry, thin skin; and poorer wound healing and resistance to disease. Wrinkles are, for example, caused by a loss of collagen and elastin in the connective tissue underneath your skin. 

For many years, aging skin care focused on the relief of dryness, and removing wrinkles by “freezing” the facial muscles (Botox) or pulling back the skin (facelifts). Modern methods now focus on the underlying causes. These often focus on stimulating collagen production or restoring volume underneath, but may not give the body everything it needs to regenerate. 

One reason why acupuncture works for aging skin is that the insertion of needles stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. More collagen and elastin are produced to ensure the skin heals stronger than before. This is similar to microneedling, but acupuncture needles even they go superficially are inserted deeper, so they reach the layers where collagen and elastin are made. As a result, acupuncture can reduce the severity of wrinkles, facial puffiness, discoloration, and sagging, and is often combined with herbal medicine to maximize your results. 

In another study on acupuncture to reduce aging skin, women showed less wrinkle severity and significantly less sagging after just one week. Sagging fell from an average score of 5.86/10 to 4/10, while wrinkles were relieved from an average score of 5.79 to 4.07/10. This may show us that acupuncture improves the flow of nutrients and energy while boosting the clearance of toxins, allowing for youthful regeneration. 

Here at Life Balance Clinic, Dr Dekhtyar and his team offers the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System for aging skin, which uses superficial needles to restore youthful blood and Qi (energy) circulation. There is also a range of therapies available including diet and lifestyle advice, to construct a treatment plan that works with you, the unique patient. 

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