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Stress Management

Stress is a contributing factor of most chronic illnesses and sometimes stress factor is the single cause of its. Stress management therapy is essential to do your treatment plan to be effective for a long-term. Three effective stress management techniques that we teach at Life Balance Clinic, due to you can get the most out of your treatment plan, are:

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation,
  • Deep Breathing,
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

You have a great opportunity to learn stress management in Chicago through a course taught by our clinic's specialists, and you will be able to change the quality of your life.

What are Ways to Cope with Stress?


Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a stress management method you can do anywhere, any time. When your muscles are tense from stress, you can use it to relax. You may find it helpful when trying to sleep on a flight or if you are nervous before an exam, for example.

The way you practice progressive muscle relaxation is to tense one group of muscles at a time, so they one are contracted as tightly as possible. Then, you hold them contracted for a few seconds before relaxing them to their normal state. This tensing allows you to relax more than normal. You can experiment by seeing how much your hand muscles can relax after clenching a fist. By mastering this technique, you can manage "stress around me" easily, manage your own reaction to a stressor and maintain your mental and physical health in a normal state.


Deep breathing is perhaps the most simple stress management therapy. You can use it with progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and other techniques.

Deep breathing is the “take ten deep breaths” method of calming someone down; and forms part of the relaxation component of yoga classes and Zen meditation.

All you have to do is take a number of deep breaths and relax your body further with each breath. That is all! Therefore, these actions help you to deal with negative emotion and calm down. Benefit for your health will be enormous!


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also is known as “emotional acupuncture”. It includes specific  practices with tapping on a series of acupuncture points, creating a unique stress management therapy that brings emotional blockages to the surface.

Through the connection between your subtle energies, emotions and health, EFT has shown success in issues ranging from anxiety to overcoming tobacco addiction.

Try these ways to manage stress and you will manage your reality.

Why is Stress Management Important?

Stress is a mental reaction to our body experiences due to the different negative circumstance or event that requires our immediate action and attention. This reaction initiates our nervous system to produce adrenaline and cortisol hormone; than it suppresses the functions of our immune, digestive and reproductive system. When the challenges are greater than our ability to encounter them, we feel stress. Stress can appear on different levels:

  • mental level (depression, apprehension, irritability, impatience etc.),
  • physical level (heart disease, stroke, blood pressure, headache etc.),
  • behavioral level (insomnia, increased smoking, loss of appetite, restlessness).

That is why effective stress management is essential to handle our stress level efficiently when it occurs, only in this case we can think clearly, perform our professional tissue productively and get healthy life.

Positive emotions have a positive impact on human health and relationships with people. Contrariwise, negative emotions such as sadness, fatigue, sickness, boredom, irritation, anger, resentment, pugnacity, especially if these emotions occur frequently or for a long time, can lead to health problems and the problems with person's socialization in society.  In other words, negative emotions can lead to stress. You can use some simple tricks to deal with your negative emotions. These are such simple tricks as drinking water, counting, doing deep breathing, squeeze and release your hands, talk with your friends, take a break, take a walk, do volcano breath, think for a favorite calm place, listen to music, just draw something.

There are various stress management techniques in treatment practice.  They can implement to handle the stress effectively. At Life Balance Clinic, we suggest to your attention Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Deep Breathing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Using of these techniques in your routines help you to find effective ways to manage stress. Experienced specialists of our clinic will help you to become the master in your emotions managing art and coping with stress.