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The Magic Lamp

If you’ve had an acupuncture treatment before, you may remember your acupuncturist having you lay under a heating lamp.

What you may also remember, is the particularly wonderful feeling of warmth it gives off, something that isn’t quite the same as your standard heating lamp. This is because Chinese medicine uses a specific type of heating lamp, known as the Teding Diancibo Pu (TDP) lamp, or Magic Lamp. 

The Magic Lamp generates far infrared (below visible light) rays. Through a proprietary formula of 33 trace elements, the heated mineral plate produces a unique range of far-infrared frequencies that stimulate your body to heal itself naturally.

Lamp therapy was discovered in a rural Chinese clay factory. Although the workers had poor living conditions, they fell ill far less often than expected. When they were injured, their wounds healed faster than normal. It turned out that the specific type of hot clay used generated far-infrared light, invisible to the naked eye but a powerful force in healing.

These “magic” properties are why acupuncturists sometimes call lamp therapy the “magic lamp”.

Who can benefit from lamp therapy?

Patients with pain, inflammation or muscle tightness can benefit from adding the magic lamp into their treatment. You can enjoy relieved pain and inflammation alongside improved circulation and a more balanced metabolism. 

Lamp therapy is highly personalized, but you can expect a treatment time of 15-30 minutes. The magic lamp is safe for the vast majority of patients. 

If you’re interested in acupuncture treatment that incorporates lamp therapy, or just want to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 847 – 724 -1777 

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