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Oriental bodywork therapy

TuiNa is an Oriental bodywork therapy that is part of Traditional Chinese medicine. Through manually manipulating the body’s system of meridian channels, it restores a harmonious flow of Qi to enhance your body’s self-healing abilities. 

Methods used in this Asian bodywork therapy involve massaging your muscles and connective tissue, and combining this with acupressure techniques to support Qi flow. You can expect to feel relaxed and more energetic afterwards, as stagnation disappears and fresh energy supports your body. 

What Can TuiNa Do?

Like other bodywork therapies, TuiNa is effective in relieving pain such as headaches, migraines and arthritis; and promoting healing and relief for soft tissue injuries, the most common applications. 

However, the unique qualities of this Oriental bodywork therapy mean that it can help to relieve digestive disorders, including indigestion, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer and stomach prolapse. TuiNa may also reduce the formation of scarring in patients who have recently had surgery, or increase elasticity of the skin when it has been lost to aging or illness.  


Every treatment method has its advantages and disadvantages. TuiNa has its limitations, even though it can treat both internal and external disease. 

Contraindications to TuiNa and other bodywork therapies include acute injury, or traumatic injury with an open wound; infectious diseases that can be passed through skin-skin contact; pregnancy; and certain chronic disease. If you have enlarged nodules; a high risk of heart attack or inflammation in your spinal cord, TuiNa is not right for you at this time.