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A number of injuries and other conditions can cause shoulder pain. The most common problems include arthritis, nerve impingement, tendon damage or inflammation, and “frozen” shoulder, where the connective tissue becomes too stiff. 

Some of these develop over time, including osteoarthritis and damage or inflammation to the tendons. Long-term wear and tear through incorrect or repetitive movement may cause an injury that seems to have crept up on you. Others are caused by sudden injury, such as falling on an outstretched hand.  

Conventional treatment for shoulder pain has similar patterns across these complaints. Painkillers, rest, and specific exercises are generalized interventions. In severe cases, surgery can be advised. These typically produce long recovery times or symptomatic relief. In the case of frozen shoulder, recovery can take one to four years. 

Chinese medical therapies such as acupuncture can effectively relieve conditions that cause shoulder pain, particularly alongside exercise. In one cl. inical study, volunteers using both acupuncture and exercise for frozen shoulder had improved symptom severity by 76%. In the exercise-only group, there was a 39.8% improvement. After 20 weeks, 14 weeks after treatment ended, this relief was maintained. 

In Chinese medicine, conditions that cause shoulder pain often involve stagnation of the blood and Qi (life energy). Cold, “wind”, and dampness invade the energy systems of the shoulder, leading to obstructions that manifest as pain and reduced mobility. A study of people using laser acupuncture found significant benefits of Chinese medicine in various shoulder pain-related conditions. 

Other therapies such as cupping and Tui Na can also assist in unblocking these stagnations, which raises trapped energy and waste products to the surface so they can be released. Both treatments provide warmth and unblock Qi. This is proof of how an individualized treatment plan, from therapies to the number and timing of appointments, is best. 

At Life Balance Clinic, Dr Dekhtyar and his team look beyond the surface to find the deeper underlying causes of shoulder pain. From here, he devises an effective treatment plan that addresses these causes, instead of hiding their symptoms. 

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