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Knee pain can affect anyone at any age, as it has so many potential causes. Some cases of knee pain are the result of injuries, including those of your ligaments, tendons, bones, or cartilage. In others, muscles or joints may be too tight or too loose. 

The best ways to prevent knee pain include staying active to keep your muscles and tendons strong, while avoiding obesity. Strength, flexibility, and correct technique help you avoid obesity.

Otherwise, conventional treatment relies on pain relief, rest or gentle exercise, and more drastic intervention such as surgery. However, recovery with these therapies often takes months or years. Some clinics are beginning to use platelet-rich plasma or even stem cells to regenerate the affected area, but alone, they will not address poor nutrient delivery, detoxification, or energy flow. 

Chinese medicine supports the flow of blood and Qi (life energy) to the knee, allowing for the correct supply of nutrients and other beneficial factors, and rate of detoxification. Degenerative causes of knee pain, particularly those that appear in older ages, often have Kidney Qi deficiency as an underlying issue. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys affect how youthful our bodies are, and the rate of aging. Some cases of knee pain involve Bi Syndrome, a set of conditions featuring painful obstruction from blood stagnation and the build-up of dampness and coldness. 

There are a growing number of knee pain causes where acupuncture and other Chinese medical therapies have proven themselves in scientific research. One trial on knee  meniscus (cartilage) injury found that comprehensive treatment, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and cupping, reduced average pain from 4/10 to zero. Many studies on acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis show that the therapy is effective, too. It does not have the side effects of conventional treatment. In older volunteers with knee pain, a trial found an over 75% reduction in average pain levels. 

Dr Dekhtyar and his team at Life Balance Clinic use both your conventional diagnostic information and Chinese principles to uncover the underlying causes of your knee pain. As a result, you receive personalized therapies that can provide lasting relief. 

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What our patients say

"My friend told me about Life Balance. I have a bad left knee and we used a type of laser acupuncture to help resolve my knee pain. I would highly recommend this clinic."

Lisa Hans
Lisa Hans