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What is tui na massage?

Tui Na massage is a type of bodywork unique to Chinese medicine. As a result, it has a different range of benefits compared to Western forms of massage, so many patients living in and around Glenview, Illinois, seek Tui Na as additional support for many chronic conditions. 

How Does Tui Na Massage Work?

Tui Na works in a similar way to acupuncture and acupressure. It removes blockages and creates harmony in the bioenergetic channels, known as meridians, in order to relieve issues such as poor circulation. Some movements help to improve muscle and joint function, just like Western massage. 


Tui Na massage has eight main techniques. They are known as palpating, rejoining, opposing, lifting, pressing, kneading, pushing, and holding. It also has a rolling technique for injuries related to sports or other heavy physical activity; a one-finger technique that centers round acupressure; and a whole-body technique used alongside other Chinese medical therapies to relieve Qi stagnation. 

What is Tui Na Massage Used For? 

The potential uses of Tui Na massage are similar to acupuncture. It may effectively treat conditions ranging from osteoarthritis to PMS, headaches, poor digestion, poor lactation, and fatigue, although it leans more towards musculoskeletal conditions. For example, one trial found that a Tui Na massage course reduced the severity of chronic neck pain by 2.28 points, from3.17 to 1.38/10, for weeks after treatment ended. A much larger review of 66 studies also showed significant benefits across a number of musculoskeletal problems, particularly when Tui Na was combined with other treatments. 

Tui Na massage benefits also extend to poor circulation. A clinical trial involving people with diabetic foot found a “curative rate” of 83% in the group treated with Tui Na, and a 97% total effective rate. The control group, however, only saw a “curative rate” of 29% and a 76% response rate. Another study tested the benefits of Tui Na focusing on a specific acupuncture point, which led to improved circulation despite only testing healthy volunteers. From these studies, we can see how Tui Na helps to relieve blockages throughout the body. 

Benefits and Risks 

Tui Na is effective in relieving pain and inflammation, as well as increasing muscle range of motion after injury. Better yet, it enhances your blood circulation, which boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Tui Na may also regulate nervous system function, improving your mood and teaching your muscles to relax and function correctly. 

However, Tui Na is not risk-free. If you have any fractures, an open wound, or acute inflammation, it’s best to skip this and all forms of massage therapy until the issue has healed. Additionally, if your bones break easily, Tui Na may be unsafe for you, and you should only start treatment with a doctor’s clearance. 

Overall, Tui Na is a highly effective Chinese medical therapy for a wide range of conditions. If you would like to try it out for yourself, contact us at Life Balance Clinic to book a consultation with Dr. Vadim Dekhtyar, DACM.