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If you’re looking for proactive healthcare that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms, why not try acupuncture? Wilmette, IL, has an accessible option with Life Balance Clinic.

Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

Yes, hundreds, if not thousands, of studies have been published around the world demonstrating acupuncture’s efficacy in a range of conditions. Acupuncture works by rebalancing energy flow through meridian channels, which in turn balances many physical processes. Pain, inflammation, cellular metabolism, circulation, neurotransmitter production, and muscle and nerve conduction can all benefit.

Headache, sciatica, IBS, period pain, poor vision, neuropathy, and sluggish blood flow are examples of indications. How well acupuncture works depends on whether the right acupoints are treated, the duration of treatment, and your overall diet and lifestyle.

Acupuncture Treatment at the Life Balance Clinic

At Life Balance Clinic, Dr Vadim Dekhtyar provides acupuncture and other therapies to patients in Wilmette, IL, and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience and achievements in a number of related fields, he can set you on the path to better health.

To learn more, contact us here or at 847-724-1777.