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7 Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

We all do it. Every year we set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves we plan to achieve. But sometimes, we let these resolutions slip away. It turns out it can be harder than you think to turn those new year’s resolutions into reality.

But with a little discipline, hard work and practice you can meet your goals for the new year. Apply these tips to your new year’s resolutions and start off the new year on the right foot.

  1. Make sure your goals are realistic. Don’t set goals that seem impossible. Make sure your goals are realistic. The more realistic they are, the more attainable they will be. We tend to become stressed when we are not achieving the goals set forth for ourselves. Don’t let this potential stress affect you, set realistic new year’s resolutions and reach them.
  2. Set small monthly goals that get bigger over time. Budget out your resolutions. Think about it. If you set a goal to lose 5 pounds during the first month of the new year and achieve it, you will be feeling great and confident you can do more. Try setting a goal of losing 10 pounds the following month, and slowly increase increments until you reach your desired goal. 
  3. Stay focused on one goal. It can be easy to start off the new year with a ton of resolutions. You want to be healthier and more active. So it is only normal you set a lot of goals for yourself. But remember, in order to reach your goals most effectively, you should focus on one specific goal at a time. Once you have completed that goal you can move on to the next one. 
  4. You aren’t in this alone. Make sure you have a solid support system around you. Friends, family, colleagues, personal trainers or workout partners are all great people to make up your support system. Build a support system that will encourage and empower you to reach the goals you have set out for yourself this new year. 
  5. Believe in yourself. This may seem a little obvious, but putting faith in yourself goes a long way. When the going gets tough it can be hard to truly believe you will achieve the goals set forth. So take a deep breath, believe in yourself, you can do this!
  6. Front-of-mind awareness. Don’t forget about your New Year’s resolutions. Keep your resolutions in your front-of-mind awareness. Hold yourself accountable and remember your goals. Life can be busy, and at times feel as though it is moving too quickly. But if you keep your resolutions in mind you can make them a reality. 
  7. Start immediately. As soon as you write down that New Year’s resolution, go out and start making the change happen. I know we have all been there. We are all guilty of having set New Year’s resolutions for ourselves we don’t reach. This is mainly because we write the goal down and don’t do anything about it on Day 1! Start reaching your goals immediately. Tackle Day 1, and with it, achieve your New Year’s resolutions!